Chattanooga Symphony

November 3rd 8PM, Tivoli Theater, and 4th 3PM, Volkswagen Conference Center

Just looking over a season brochure of an orchestra can tell you a lot about the personality or motivation of a group. Looking at Chattanooga Symphony’s season showed an amazing line up of one of my favorite living American composers, Michael Daugherty. A dedication and commitment of keeping quality contemporary American music in the ears of concert goers is important to me as keeps orchestral music vibrant and balanced while treating audiences to fresh and exciting perspectives.

I’m excited to work with Maestra Kayoko Dan and the Chattanooga Symphony for this fantastic concert set of Michael Daugherty’s Sunset Strip, the very beautiful Introduction and Allegro by Ravel, and one of my favorite Dvorak works, Symphony No. 6.

If there is free time I’m hoping to visit Tennessee’s renowned aquarium and dine with a few friends that I know from the Nashville Symphony!

~Holly Mulcahy

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