Orchestra Iowa

March 9th 7:30 Paramount Theater and March 10th 2:30 West High School

I’ll never forget the day I first heard Brahms 3rd Symphony. I was returning home from a youth orchestra rehearsal in Denver and the third movement happened to be on the car radio; never before had I heard such heartfelt sincerity and honest expression. To this day, when I hear that symphony, and especially the third movement, I stop everything and just let the music take me to a different plain.

Performing this great work with Maestro Tim Hankewich and Orchestra Iowa will be a complete indulgence, but there is the added windfall of the Enigma Variations by Elgar on the same program. If that wasn’t enough, the soloist for that concert series is a colleague and friend from my summer music festival, Roger Oyster. Roger, arguably one of the best euphonium players in the country, will be performing the Weber Concertino.

~Holly Mulcahy

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