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All About Holly Mulcahy, violinist

“After hearing Scheherazade at an early age, she fell in love with the violin and knew it would be her future…”
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CSO Concertmaster

Holly is Concertmaster of the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera

“It is a rich combination of great ingredients that make the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera instantly appealing. At first glance, the types of music programmed from season to season hint at the bold, purposeful, and passionate…”
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Holly is in the Grand Teton Music Festival Orchestra

“With a balance of natural beauty and musical splendor, The Grand Teton Music Festival feeds the senses and soul for musicians and music lovers alike. I’m proud to be a part of the fine music making each summer. A mix of the most talented and seasoned professional musicians from across the globe, these musicians have become close friends…”
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Holly’s Violin; a 1917 Giovanni Cavani

It all started with the innocent phrase “try this, it speaks better than any modern Italian I’ve heard” and ended in love.
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Go Ahead. Listen.

Jennifer Higdon’s Piano Trio was such a blast to play at the 2011 Grand Teton Music Festival…performing this work in such a beautiful environment made the piece that much more special. The colors that were represented were all over the Teton Range, from flowers to vivid sunsets. Besides the nature that inspired us, we also had the fantastic opportunity to work through this piece with the composer present, a true honor and pleasure…”
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Holly is a Writer

Ms. Mulcahy became the author of Neo Classical; a column about the future of classical music in 2007 and since that time, the blog’s readership has exploded. Her articles are regularly cited in major market traditional media outlets along with a wide variety of online classical music sites.
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Word on the Street

Look below to read what a bevy of the finest artists in the business have to say about Holly’s playing and leadership skills…
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